Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 7

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The iPhone is a mobile phone brand that most people are very sought after. Every mobile phone has received a lot of attention when it enters the market. The iPhone has advantages and disadvantages, but people still choose it because its user experience is the best, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 7?

First, higher-definition screens: As we all know, the iPhone 6 has undergone a major upgrade on the screen, but Apple still has room for improvement in this area. Given that Apple's iPhone 6 Plus screen is larger, users will watch more videos on it, so the iPhone 7 will be bigger and sharper.Although the iPhone's retina display is not the highest quality in a smartphone, it is definitely the best picture experience. Apple has made a lot of mentions for its retina display in the new iPhone7, including the DCI-P3 wide color gamut that allows the picture to match the industrial standard, and the iPhone7 is enhanced to 630nits (7Plus to 670nits) in brightness. Even in the sun, you can see the picture clearly.
Second, the pressure sense home button. The new Home button supports pressure sensing, similar to the Taptic Engine principle on the Macbook, allowing users to perform more functions on the Home button.The Home button has been completely redesigned and added vibration feedback. The new iPhone home button is no longer a mechanical button, but a force-sensing button that senses pressure and provides tactile feedback for faster response and less damage. Support IP67 waterproof and dustproof function, dual camera (iPhone7 Plus only), anti-shake function, adding a faster processor. The processor's processor ISP throughput is twice that of the original processor. Real-time photos are more powerful, and developers can also call the RAW camera's API. The front camera is upgraded to 7 megapixels and supports anti-shake.
Third, its camera can rival the SLR, iPhone 7 adds optical image stabilization, while having a larger f / 1.8 aperture, 50% increased light input, 6P lens, 60% faster, and equipped with 4 LED flash brightness increase 50%, the sensor provides low light photos. At the same time, Apple also designed its own ISP chip to double the processing power. Live Photos supports third-party software editing. The front camera is upgraded to 7 million pixels.

The biggest drawback of the iPhone 7 is the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the launch of the new headphone Apple AirPods. Cancellation of the traditional headphone interface means that the 3.5mm headphones that everyone bought in the past can not be used, although it can be used with Bluetooth headsets, but the biggest problem with Bluetooth headsets is noise, of course, high-end Bluetooth headsets will not have noise problems, which means Users themselves need to pay for high-end Bluetooth headsets, which is not cost-effective.

Apple's iPhone 7 canceled the 16GB version, starting with 32GB, but the Samsung Note 7 just released has already started 64GB. More importantly, Apple canceled the 64GB version, which is the 128GB version after 32GB. This means that if iPhone 7 users need more space, they must spend more money. This is unacceptable to consumers.
Another disadvantage is that the iPhone 7 is not much different in appearance from the iPhone 6s, lacking some personality and beauty.

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