Four years have passed, is the iPhone 6 really eliminated?

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Apple's mobile phone is considered by many consumers to be the benchmark for the smart machine industry. Especially in terms of fluency, the iPhone  with the closed IOS system is still smooth after three or four years, and because of this, the same price, some consumption I would rather buy an Apple phone a few years ago than buy the latest Android model.

We know that iPhone 6 ​​is Apple's first big-screen mobile phone released in 2014. It is also the highest mobile phone in the iPhone series. Even if Apple has updated to iPhoneX, the number of iPhone6 ​​users still accounts for a large part. In order to continue the vitality of this classic model, after a year in the Apple store, Apple re-launched the 32GB version of the iPhone6 ​​last year and pre-installed the IOS10 system.

Obviously, the new iPhone 6 is launched by Apple for the entry-level users, but they are also worried that it will take 3 years to buy the iPhone 6, and the system will not be very stuck. In fact, the most smooth version of the iPhone system is definitely the system released with the new machine. The most smooth iPhone 6 ​​is iOS8. The fluency of updating to IOS10 is also OK, and there will be no stagnation phenomenon, because the 32GB is pre-installed with IOS10.

However, since the release of ioS11, iPhone 6 will be pre-installed with ios11 system. This system is not friendly to iPhone6 support. It is prepared for iPhoneX, and the gap can be imagined. It can only be said that for users who do not play games and want to experience ios, there is still no big problem in daily use.

When the iPhone 6 was released in 2014, it was one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Apple's completely redesigned design provides the iPhone 6 with a wealth of custom software and hardware features.

The iPhone 6 features a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1334 * 750 pixels and a built-in 64-bit Apple A8 processor. The performance is very impressive. It also features the new M8 coprocessor design for healthy applications. 8 megapixel lens, front 12,000 pixel FaceTime HD camera; and added Touch ID to support fingerprint recognition, adding the first NFC function; There is also a three Netcom mobile phone, 4G LTE connection speed up to 150Mbps, support up to 20 LTE bands. Therefore, although it is a mobile phone a few years ago, it can still be used normally.

This is the iPhone 6: the bigger, brighter, harder iPhone, designed to appeal to the iPhone 5S and its 4-inch screen, now looks "basically suitable for everyone." The two-year contract starts at $199, silver, gold and space ash. It is full of new technology and is manufactured using new molds. Apple plans to use it as the new standard for new smartphones and become a big-screen phone that anyone can handle. Not the first big phone, but the best. A big phone for everyone. The biggest advantage of buying the iPhone 6 now is that it is cheap. The quality of an Apple phone is a household name, so buying it now is worth the money.

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