What is the difference between the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone 7 plus?

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Appearance aspect

The appearance of the iPhone 8 Plus and the previous generation iPhone 7 Plus is exactly the same in terms of screen size, resolution and body size, but the difference is that the Apple 7 plus uses a metal body, and the new generation of iPhone8 Plus has returned to the double-sided glass body era. The front and rear of the fuselage are based on the most durable glass panels on the iPhone, and the new deep-sky gray, silver and gold look is complemented by the same-grade aerospace-grade aluminum metal frame, which is more textured.
In terms of color matching, the iPhone 8 Plus has a new "sun-bath" color scheme, and the iPhone8 Plus comes in three colors: dark gray, silver and gold. The six-layer dyeing process achieves precise color tone, ideal opacity, and rich rich color, while the same color aluminum metal frame also blends with the glass body to complement each other.

Performance aspect
The iPhone 7 Plus is powered by the previous generation Apple A10 quad-core processor, while the iPhone 8 Plus is equipped with the latest Apple A11 six-core processor. Not only has the core number been upgraded, but also features such as artificial intelligence and AR. Specifically, the Apple A11 uses TSMC's current state-of-the-art 10nm FinFET process, which integrates 4.3 billion transistors, while the previous generation A10 uses 16-bit reloading from the computer's Pepsi network, integrating 3.3 billion transistors. In addition, another feature of the iPhone 8 plus is the high-standard wireless charging technology, and Apple's mobile phone has finally achieved fast charging. Experiments have shown that using the 18w universal fast charge to charge the iPhone 8 Plus can charge up to 73% from zero charging for one hour.

Camera aspect
Although in terms of parameters, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus are equipped with a front camera of 7 million and a rear 12 million pixel dual camera. The camera is on the same surface, but in fact the iPhone 8 Plus uses a brand new sensor, which is a significant improvement over the 7 Plus. The camera function is also different. The most powerful selling point of the iPhone 8 Plus camera is the addition of the "Portrait Light Effect" feature in the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode last year. It can help users to shoot professional portrait photos that are quite good even without professional lighting, and this function is officially realized by the A11 bionic processor and dual camera, which is not available in 7 Plus.

The above is the whole content of the iPhone8 Plus and iPhone7 Plus difference comparison evaluation, the surface does not change much, but carefully compared, we can also clearly feel the iPhone8 Plus compared to the 7 Plus in appearance color, performance, camera, battery life and other core There are upgrades in terms of experience, and the core experience in performance and photography is significantly improved.
For consumers with higher requirements and more expectations for Apple phones, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best choice.

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