Why do people prefer the iPhone 8 plus compared to the iPhone X?

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Apple's mobile phone has always been the most popular mobile phone. The upgrade speed is fast and the new iPhone is expensive. It is always difficult for people to choose the right phone for themselves. But when the iPhoneX entered the market, people prefer the Iiphone 8 plus, why?

First,Although the screen material of iPhone X uses OLED material, this material is not absolutely better than the screen material of iPhone 8 plus. It means the service life, failure rate and maintenance cost. The iPhone 8 plus adopts mature technology and is stable. The sex aspect is much better. I think everyone has seen the iPhone X's green screen, frozen screen, and news. But the iPhone 8 plus has almost no negative news. Because it does mature.

The second is that compared with the iPhonex, the iPhone 8 plus does have a higher price/performance ratio. The iPhone 8 Plus has returned to the glass design, and the feel is much better than before. In terms of functions, wireless charging is also a good highlight. Both phones use the A11 processor, there is no difference in performance, except for the iPhone 8 plus, there is no new design, and facial recognition, the iPhone 8 plus is not much different from the iPhone x in other respects, and the iPhone X's Face ID technology is said to have a lot of bugs, so the security is also somewhat low, so people think that the iPhone 8 plus is more secure and secure.

Third, combined with the price of the two iPhones, the iPhone X is currently priced at around $1100, while the iPhone 8Plus only costs about $800, so the price/performance ratio is clear at a glance, and more rational consumers are more willing to choose 8 plus instead of I am willing to pay for the appearance of the iPhone x. In addition, Apple's influence in the world is not as good as before. In recent years, the rise of Chinese mobile phones has caused many people to switch from the iOS platform to the Android platform. The iPhone is no longer the only choice for high-end mobile phones, so people are not willing to impulsively satisfy the vanity. Buy iPhone X.

Forth,the iPhone 8 Plus is almost the perfect choice for the iPhone. Like the iPhone X, the rear camera is a dual camera with 12 million pixels and 12 million pixels. The battery capacity of the two is not much different. iPhone X has a built-in 2716mAh. The iPhone 8 Plus has a built-in 2675mAh capacity battery. The Phone 8 Plus looks ordinary but very practical. First, its battery life is longer, the 5.5-inch LCD screen is not as good as the iPhone X, but the display is still excellent.

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